The term “self-publishing” is meaningless. Publishing is publishing. The difference between books that can sell and books that won’t is primarily a question of quality — both quality of content and quality of packaging, whether it is a print book, ebook, or audiobook.

Perception is important when you’re trying to sell creative content, of course. Why not avoid the so-called stigma of self-publishing by setting up your own publishing company and producing quality products instead of simply uploading Word files to the ebook vendors? I can show you how to publish professionally no matter where in the world you live, and I can help you maximize the potential to sell your book.

I do not take a cut of your royalties, as I am not an agent or a publisher. I make money with my fees and I hold no publishing rights after your work is published.

Any further questions? Need help? Feel free to send me an email or request an estimate.

Please note: I’ve provided interior text page design and/or ebook design, as well as publishing services for all the titles in the masonry grid on this page, but in many cases covers or jackets were outsourced to other freelancers. I’ve indicated when the cover designs are my own work.